Clean inter cooler??

jk kelly

Nov 12, 2012
How important is it to clean the inside of the inter cooler , and if so what's the best method? I'm pulling mine out to clean in the next couple of days
Put a quart or so of gas or kerosene in it dump it and if its clean rinse with water and dry it out with a blow dryer. do not let the gas sit in there for a long time todo a "really good job" it can loosen up the sealer in their if you do. just a quick swishing is all you need.
Do you know a easy way to find vacuum leaks without replacing all the lines

Smoke, propane, stethoscope

google 'vacuum leaks' with the above words and you'll find various tricks.

Don't forget to clean the IC fins while you're cleaning the inside of it and if you still have the stock set up, ditch that plastic 'squirrel catcher' screen that is in the intake shroud.