Cleaned up 2 of my non gn cars today..


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Looks like two nasty Terminators! Mind giving us some details on the build-ups on both of them?
The redfire went 10.50 at 135 with a ****ty 1.68 60 ft so this winter I redid the suspension, and the 04 well since there are some internet trolls on here that I dont want to let know the times I will keep that a secret, but its well into the 8s.
The 03 is a full weight loaded car that weighs almost 4000lbs with me and should go 10 0s this spring. Is bone stock motor with a whipple and I put a auto in it, very fun car to drive around like my gn but just a little more practical for the ets I am running with it.

WOW...Very Nice Cars...I always loved the Cobra's, I would like to purchase one sometime to drive around on the street. Nice Collection, something to be proud of. Looks like you've done some nice upgrades...John
Nice cars, I almost bought an 2004 but the interior too was small for me I look like the guy on the diving board.:eek:
Thanks, its my brothers Stang. 351W with a J-trim Mondo blower making 24psi. Made 725whp last year with the Gen 6 DFI running out of fuel. We sold that and now got a FAST system for it. Should make 800+ to the back wheels with the upgraded fuel system and the extra 1000rpm that we couldn't push last year.