Cleaning Out Garage

15 x 8 x 3.5 b.s. 5 x 4.75 lug nut GN pattern Weld draglights with 28 x 11.5 x 15 et streets = $200 firm. Includes center caps, lugnuts NOT included. One small ding on BACKSIDE lip of wheel.

GN Stock intercooler = $100
GN Stock MAF sensor = $50
TE-44 Turbo Aprox 10k miles good cond = $250
BellTech 2" drop spindels for GN Summit part number#Bel-2100 new never used = $100
Stock GN Radio make offer
Air Bags = $30 appox 6 months old
Moroso trick springs for GN = $30
Precision Turbo&Engine 42.5 lb/hr injectors Perfect Cond High Z = $225
36 lb/hr injectors Need to be cleaned and flowed = $75
ATR Pitbull Chip Old for GN with 36 lb/hr injectors make offer
Cruise control module For GN Make offer
GN upper intake manifold with stock throttle body make offer
Driver side manifold Is cracked but I can weld TIG. Make offer
Stock Upper and lower control arms make offer
3 bolt flange with O2 bund off ATR headers
Turbo Intake Pipe Chrome has scratches make offer.

FEEL FREE TO CALL CELL: 682-597-8535


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I'll take the airbags if still available! PM me payment info! Thanks!

I am interested in the turbo. Let me know if it is ready to bolt on or if it needs to be rebuilt. Thanks, AJ

The Turbo works fine, no problems. Only mobil 1. It is reday to ship. .63 exhaust housing. Extarnal wastegate. 3 bolt buick style housing. No shaft oil leaks and no issues of any kind.
air bags rear Trick springs UCA's LCA's goto Nasty

MAF pipe to benoitthegr8

I prefer to sell the rims and tires locally, too much hassel to ship them. Thanks.
Turbo TE-44

Here are some more pics


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Sorry but I can't use the turbo. I would never be able to find an external wastegate dp for my TTA.Good luck with the sale.

I'll Take it ,I'll take it, it's just what I need. I'll take the turbo you say it's in good working condition , seals are good and no shaft play right. Right on..Let me know where to send money order.Thanks.

I'm not sure how much shaft movement is normal, but when I removed the turbo it worked fine. No problems. No shaft seal leaks. Intercooler perfectly clean and down pipe dry.
Im interested in your 15x8x3.5 bs Weld draglights with ET slicks!,Put me 1st
on them.Question,My 87 regal has stock 8.5 and springs,Will these tires clear
or rub?Please let me know.
Interested in the weld draglights.How big is the small ding on inside lip of
wheel?Could you post a pic of the ding?What would shipping be to 92064?
Let me know.