CNC Ported Irons with matching Intake


Feel my Pacifists-of-Fury
These have not been run since being ported. Stainless valves are at 1.77" and 1.50". Bronze valve guides. New seals. New CompCam 980's. Rocker towers have been clearanced for roller rockers. They have been decked approx 0.050". Depending on your pistons and gaskets, compression should be in the low 9:1. I don't have any info on who ported these, nor do I have any flow numbers. I bought these and was going to run E85 and higher-than-stock compression, but changed my mind. The port work, especially in the bowls is as-good or better than my champion irons.

These come with an intake that has been machined 0.050" on the mating surface to fit the heads. Mild home port-work to match the intake runners. EGR tower is gone. I powder coated this a metallic silver. For an extra $60, I can sandblast and re-coat the color of your choice. Or I can coat your parts to match, if desired.

Looking for $850 plus actual shipping.









Will the stock rocker arms work?
I have a stock lower end and pistons will thre work or do I need to be concerned about clearence issues?
Were any cracks found?
The stock rockers will work fine. There are no clearance issues with a stock bottom end, and there are no cracks.

I did get a commitment this morning; however, so they are sold pending payment. I will post if that changes.