Coach's Custom Emblems.

Ok Guys,
I have been in touch with the owners about becoming a's going to happen.

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Sweet. I been thinking about some cool power 6 emblems.

86 Regal W-11/CC-1T Type
Ok Guys,
I just finished 2 more designs.
The first is a "repop" for the 1978-1981 carb/turbo guys. This is unavailable to them in the current marketplace.
The second is my final version of my "XFI" engine emblems. I cut out around all the numbers/letters and just added a bar thru the background of the emblem.
The letters/numbers are mirror polished and the background is etched.
The emblem is roughly 1" tall and 6.6" long. All 3 engine sizes are available.
Post your thoughts.

*****EDIT...I just saw a few mistakes on the 4.5 emblem and will fix and repost. It will look almost the same, but a few tweaks.****************

ImageUploadedByTurboBuick1385310300.170506.jpg's the revamped 4.5.
It's much cleaner looking.

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I hate waiting on Donnie's pics to download but his work is amazing. Just imagine if he knew anything about cars what he could make.:p
Pricing info ect need to asked and placed in a different section. This one is no solicitation.;)
Pics of the finished "Turbo3.8Litre" emblem. Background is bare stainless so it can be made black, or car color...whatever you choose. Stock looking with a choice to make it a little custom.
***There are smudges on flaws***
ImageUploadedByTurboBuick Mobile1389625860.605134.jpg
ImageUploadedByTurboBuick Mobile1389625872.633445.jpg

ImageUploadedByTurboBuick Mobile1389625924.326260.jpg
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How about fender badges that read: XFI Stage II

There are and endless amount of emblems that could be thought of....that's for sure. I'm going to cover the 3 most common engine sizes... 3.8, 4.1, and 4.5
If you really wanted "XFI Stage II"...a custom order could be arranged.
Thanks for the interest
I'm working on tooling and fixtures. Our shop has been swamped, so getting machine time has been tough. I'm hoping for late spring early summer for the XFI emblems
For those who might be thinking that "coach" is slacking off on these emblems, I can assure you, he is Not. I contracted with him to do a custom run for me a little while ago, so he has been kept busy. (He does this in his spare time !)
The results are Beyond Description !! Far above what I could have hoped for ! Simply AMAZING !!!