coil pack


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Feb 10, 2003
I made a wot pass to get that rush and let out ,when the car started smoking bad like a oil seal in the turbo blew and instantly started to stumble.Found fuel dripping out of the dp and turbo and replaced the coilpack/module from my other car and problem went away.I drove the car 5 mi and it ran great ....until i made a wot pass and the problem started over.It seems to have hurt the second coilpack/module.Anyone have this happen i did a search and realize there is a lot of issues associated with these coils no answers there? All grounds are tight.ohm readings 10.8,10.9,11.0.dont have access to a coilpack tester..Any help maybe someone has had this happen.Thanks Reuban

It sounds like you are running those cars too hard. Life is good in Germany...the 87 T is running good, although it has been put away for the winter due to the salt on the roads.