Coming soon correct reproduction window stickers

So are these now available?

I already have the GM Archives Invoice. I also can provide a picture of the SPID label.

I'm trying to find the name of the Buick Dealer in Indio where it was sold. The info i dug up many years ago and have since misplaced told me the car was shipped to Los Gatos CA and dealer traded to a dealer in Indio, CA in '87. I can't find the name of the dealer and t's grown and changed out there so much........

Maybe the Chamber of Commerce can help me.........

So, I called the current Buick dealer out there and it turns out there is guy who used to be the Mayor of Indio back in the mid-eighties and he now works there! He hemmed and hawed for a minute and then spit out " SIMON BUICK, it might be FRED SIMON BUICK". How weird is that?

City of Indio is trying to come up with an address for me. :cool:
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looks as if I've found it.....

Simon Buick
78-611 highway 111 La Quinta, Ca 92253

I was looking in the wrong city.....
More research say's "Simon Motors"......

Why am I boring you guys with this quest? Anybody from The Springs remember this place? Am I on the right path?

Thanks and Sorry!
True but the original window sticker would show the ordering dealer not the traded to dealer. Shoot me over your e-mail and I’ll send you some ads, they actually show as Simon Motors .
That's why I got involved when @Darkstar72 asked me if I could help Paul at get setup to make reproduction window stickers. At this point, his templates are done for the 1986 and 1987 models.

I have no affiliation with I just thought it was the correct thing to do - to share by archive library with someone willing to listen and make correct window stickers.

A good 10 to 15 years ago, I tried to help Triple A Enterprises produce a more accurate reproduction. However, Bill is a salty dog and did not want to hear any constructive criticism to help improve his product and simplify the ordering process. After Bill was stricken ill, his son attempted to take over the business and practically ran it into the ground, loosing the work from the Corvette museum.

Today, with a gaining focus on gathering documentation for our cars, there are plenty of owners who would like to have a correct reproduction window sticker. the fact that ECS would not make one if you did not have the original put a lot of folks out of luck. If you want one, get in contact with

You can see what Paul and are doing in the thread below.
Thank you Anthony and Dennis also for all you help and continued support. Yes, taking orders as we speak, thank you all for your patience. Paul