Comp Cam Roller Lifters Valve Float


When These Lifters Are Preloaded At .040 As Per Spec What Rpm Should The Valves Start To Float Or The Lifters Pump Up .....lots Of Questions ,so Little Time Thanks Yes Roller Springs And Rockers
Depends if they are 853-12 lifters or the antipump up lifters 885-12. I would not go over 6000 on the 853 lifters or 6500 on the 885 series, but thats just my opinion.
From what ive personally seen with my cars is the 853's are good to about 6300 before valve float.

Ive got an engine going together right now and I will be using the 885 lifters.According to Dan@DLS,they should be good for a couple hundred more rpm(300-400)
With 941 springs at 1.70 ive had the 853's to 6200+ many times. The 885's have been run to over 6500 in TSM cars.
Thanks guys, guys and this site make the buick hobby much more if somebody could make it less expensive
If 853 Lifters Are Adjusted 1/8 Turn Like 885 Will Valve Train Make More Reasons For This ....if I Float The Valves With The ,040 Adjustment Will I Bend A Valve..... 8.5 Comp Je Pistons And Deck And Head Total .o2o Cut