Complete set of Centerline Autodrags with slicks/front runners

John Larkin

Sublime Master of Turbology
May 25, 2001
Offers? Rears are 15 x 8.5, 3 5/16 backspacing, fronts 15 x 3.5, 1 5/8 backspacing. Tires are 28 x 10.5W MT ETs Drags rear and 27.5 x 4.5 ET Fronts. Have two front centercaps and full set of lugnuts, fronts are closed, rears are open. Rears are drilled. Good wheels and tires. Rears have tubes and the tubes will leak down over time. However they are still sticky even now hanging on the garage wall. No flatspots. Located in Indianapolis.
I doubt you'll want to separate but if you want to sell the rear tires only let me know. Thanks.
I'll make you a helluva a deal on the 4 tires without wheels: $175 + ship. One new slick is $240.
Man that is a good deal, I just have no use for the fronts though. I run 18" wheels all around and am only swapping out to 15" rears when I can hit the track, I don't even have a pair of 15" fronts to mount tires on. Let me know if you'd like to do just the rears, how many passes are on them or how much life do you think is left in them? I wouldn't be hitting the track very often. 512-731-2651 or