Congratulations Brad T


Can't even re-member
Jun 5, 2001
Brad after all the crap you have been through it was awesome to see you lay down five back to back 8 second passes right off the trailer.
8.88- 8.75- 8.85-8.79-and finished it off with an 8.64 running the same conditions as the .79 but in the better lane.

Best part is you never took a wrench out of the tool box. Now go out and get some new tires so you can see what it will really run instead of spinning those 5 year old worn out slicks past half track.

Cal, as always, your tune needed no adjustment even though up until now we had no real data to tune the car with, dealing with all the previous ignition problems.

Congratulations again buddy way to go. By the way I can loan you my 2.75's for Reynolds if you want to go.
Thanks Dave it has been a long road to get here. Now lets get to work on yours . Won't be long until Southern IL . has another eight second Buick . :)
Congrats Brad - Your car is awesome! Next year at BG Shawn and I would like to pitt with you and Dave - save us a spot! Maybe some of your fastness will rub off on us! Ha Ha
Great job Brad glad to see you finally got it running like it should. Big thumbs up for sticking with it when many would not have.
Congrats Brad, If I would have went through what you did I would probably be surfing from a non extradition country..
LMk and we can all meet up for some T&T.
Thanks , it has been a long road . RPE builds a great motor ! The thing that gets me is the rest of the car has been ready to run for years. If I would have had Bobby build me a motor years ago I could have been running eights all this time.

Thank you RPE ! :)