Connecting Kenne Bell Hood Mounted Fuel Pressure Gauge


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Sep 29, 2007
I've recently picked up an "old school" Kenne Bell Hood Mounted Fuel Pressure Gauge on eBay and wanted to ask anyone out there that may have one or knows the best way to connect to the fuel rail. I rec'd it with a -4 180degree bend connector and -4 SS Braided line to the fuel rail..Problem is, that it seems the -4 line is overkill and too large. It's bulky and cumbersome and not too easily bent / looped under the lip of the hood to get to the engine bay. It interferes with the Windshield Wipers and since my ride is primarily street driven, am looking for a cleaner , more sanitary looking set up which will bend easily in the tight radius req'd to route around the hood edge, and still leave clearance for the WW arm to operate. Anyone have any suggestions from their own personal experience?