Kenne Bell boost-a-pump


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Oct 14, 2009
Kenne Bell boost a pump. Includes 10psi pressure switch. This will boost the voltage to your fuel pump only when under boost of over 10 psi, thus increasing the output of your fuel pump to support more HP.

Printed instructions are included. This kit works for Grand National, 1996 up Mustang GT/Cobra, and Typhoon/Syclone.

Price is $175. Free shipping to the continental US.


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Toomanymodz, why have you decided to not use the boost a pump? I'm wondering if I should add one to my car since my old volt baster finally failed. Also what size double pumper fuel pump are you running? Your build has similar parts as mine.
I got to the point where my Walbro pump just wasn't up to the task. Without the booster, the little pump could manage mid 11's, and with the booster I got into the high 10s. But I knew I was going end up in the low tens or high nines and I wasn't sure if it could manage it, so I splurged on a Racetronix double pumper. Probably overkill but I wanted room to grow. Watch your duty cycles, if they creep up quickly then you probably need the volt booster.
What size Racetronix pump did you buy? I have the twin 340Es as shown in my sig. That new pump seems to keep up but I have not tested the limits in high boost.
I see they list a GEN2. Mine was the first generation and I cannot remember the pump size.