considering ALKY but...


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Jul 19, 2003
My mechanic friend, is trying to dissuade me from installing alcohol injection. He feels there are better ways of getting that power. He stated that the increased cylinder pressures on my stock motor could lead to premature failure. Just one man's opinion maybe but can someone rebut these statements?
Yeah he's rite. My car is seeing mid 11's on a completely stock long block for over 2 1/2 years and close to 600 passes at the track.

If you detonate the car at 16 PSI, you will hurt it far worse than it running clean at 23. Detonation kills these motors in short order. And running a car on the edge and then detonating it.. is far worse.

if everything around the motor will support AI, fuel system, exhuast, chip, etc.. and you put AI with a properly running motor, then it will perform beyond expectations.

Put alky on a poorly tuned motor, raise the boost.. this is a recipe for destruction. No different than putting 10 gallons of race gas in the tank, and cranking the boost to 25 PSI and see what happens.

These motors are very hardy.. extremely so, tho if the motor is in poor shape due to wear, mileage, abuse.. adding extra load will damage it.

Plenty of cars with stock blocks running huge numbers, its no majic. but you better have a grasp at tuning a motor at higher boost levels before attempting to run them. Its called seat time.

Tuning is critical, not to be taken litely. Its not hard.. just requires attention to details. Be amazed what can be done.. on so little.

Listen.. racing a motor will shorten its life. Whether you put a bigger turbo, IC, nitrous, etc.. racing it at higher power levels will shorten its life. Period. Its the price we all pay to have fun. There is not one vehicle on the planet you can abuse for an eternity without failure.

Why do you want to make it go faster? Answer this, then make your decisions how you will accomplish this and what price are you willing to pay.


PS, obviously your mechanic doesnt own a turbo buick motor running alcohol injection... I hate to ask what ways he proposes to do for the increased power without penalty?..
You can do it the easy way ( Alky) or you can do it the hard way ( lots of $$$$$ ). Take your pick.

There are two kinds of mechanics I don't like. The ones that BS you to get more money, and the ones that don't know what they are talking about. Either way I'd bag this one.

Do you think the parts in your motor or trans care how the extra horsepower got there?