Continuous Logging with PL?

Thanks! I read that and will look into one. If I can find one cheap I ll just put one in the car. Sometimes you can pick them up real cheap from Woot or Cowboom. Anyone using a particular tablet they like and was easy to get set up?
Any further development on this front (continuous logging) or has it been sidelined?
Yes, I am working on a way to do this.

It will be pretty cool.

Count me in, too(y)
This would be really nice when at the track. Some tracks don't allow a LT in the car, when running.
This would make it really easy to review, after a run.

Didn't see a response to the "which tablet" to get question.
I know it's a Windoz system, but what particular brand?
Ok, here is the announcement:

The solution is the Scanmaster-G gauge style scanmaster. It logs internally so you can download the logs after the run, (or the next day)

Jump on over to the announcement thread and post any questions + comments + etc.

Thanks for your patience, its going to be a great spring.