Cool 84: Ford IC details?


Jun 22, 2001
Once again, sorry about the car.

I was hoping that in your down time you might want to give us a detailed description of your Ford IC installation. I'm pretty new to this, but I want to do it anyway. Is it neccisary to get a new intake? If so, how much did it cost you? How about your throttle body setup? When you rotated your turbo, did you get to keep all of your turbo piping? I think i figured out how to handle the piping at least.

Thanks for any replies
Making the IC from scratch was very easy, nothing hard about it, just a little time consuming.

You don't have to move the throttlebody. It will work in the stock location but you will get much better throttle response, a little more power, and much, much better spoolup.

To rotate the compressor section, you need to raise the turbo up a few inches, loosen all the compressor housing bolts and rotate to face forward then tighten them down. You can use a silicone adaptor hose straight from the turbo outlet to the intercooler pipe. No need for an adaptor. The wastegate mounting bracket will have to be ground on to make it fit.

On the return piping from the IC the only tricky part is making an elbow to go in the back of the intake manifold. Spearco sells a bolt in adaptor for $50. I found a 3" bend in a scrap yard and had it welded to the intake (my intake is 3" internally also). Then it's a matter of using silicone IC hose to couple the piping to the elbow.

You can use any combination of bends for any intercooler you want. That's the easy part. Once you've rotated the turbo and gotten the elbow sorted out the rest is easy.

For the Ford unit, I removed the header panel and bumper. I had to grind on the stock mounting pads on the plastic tanks to get it to fit between the bumper supports. Lots of cutting on the core support to fit the pipes through. If I had it to do over again I would've used a torch. The main thing is to get the IC to sit as low as you can. This will make it easier to keep the bright lights. Right now mine are spring loaded into place but later on I'm going to try and make some adjusters. For the header panel, I stuck it up to the car with the IC mounted and kept grinding until it fit.

I still can't use the header panel support bracket so if someone ever sat on it, it would break. I haven't gotten around to modifying the stock brace yet but it needs to be done.

That's all I can think of but if anyone wants more details feel free to ask.
Ha, I used the torch to cut the metal out of the core supports, J/K Matt. There is alot of time consuming cutting and fitting of the i/c. I went with the turbomotion intake and made it alot eaiser for fitting the pipe. I also like the way it looks better as compared to cool 84's setup. I put the car away for the winter and was going to take some pics before I did but forgot. Oh well next year.