Cool84....question for you!


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May 24, 2001
I remember a while back you said something about using the 86/87 oil Drain line on our Hot-Air cars.....

What do I do?

Just cut off the flare on the end...slide off the nut, and then I am ready to put it into my car?

Thanks alot for your help!
Yep, cut as little as you can, take the nut off and you're ready. The extra length really helps getting it in the hole and the diameter is the same.
Thanks alot!

One more fast Question....for Head Gaskets what should I use?

The stock Shim ones? or should I do the "stacking method"

(you have seem to blown a few of I figured I would ask you!)

I hope this is readable. I started my St Patricks day partying 5 min ago. :) Use one steel shim or you will lower the compression lower than stock. I blew a ton of them but it was because my heads were all screwed up. The heads have to be flat with the shims. Once I got a new set of heads, I had that little accident, 30 psi on 87 octane and it bent two rods and cracked a cylinder but the headgaskets looked brand new when I took it apart. I sprayed the whole thing with copper coat. Some people use regular silicone.
Make sure if you use silicone that it is O2 sensor safe...If you don't, you will ruin O2 sensors FAST...