Corpus Christi peoples....


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May 25, 2001
My wife and I are considering the option of moving to Corpus Christi so my wife can do her 3rd and 4th year med-school rotations there in Corpus. Since we would likely only be there 24 months, what is the apartment rentals like in the area. Which ones would you recommend or more importantly which ones to stay away from??? Any idea what they cost per month??? Or is there any decent neighborhoods with rent homes or decent duplexes?? Any idea what those rent for??? Thanks for any and all help.
Get a copy of the Corpus Christi Caller Times Sunday edition from a bookstore and peruse the real estate section. I'll think you'll find fairly cheap rent in Corpus. Try for local action. Why don't you rent a house so we'll have a place to stay when we come down.
Honestly Corpus Christi SUX. Lived here for 30 years. There is always thieving going on. Some Police are corrupt. Even the better neighbor hoods have issues, but every city has problems. I do not rent. I own my home so I couldnt give you an answer on what renting costs here. The south side of Corpus is where most of the newer sudivisions and apartments are being built. This is usually where the better part of town is.
Thanks for the info.

We have never rented either. :eek: But there is a possibility that we will only be in Corpus for 24 months. So I don't see any big advantage to buying a home. By the time we add home owners insurance and taxes to the house it would just seem to me that for that period of time renting might be the best way to go. I have heard stories about homes getting mold down there and the value goes down the pot. And the cost to clean the mold up is very expensive and not covered by insurance. So I think renting is the way to go in this case???

I would really like to find a decent rent house vs. apartment. But a classmate of my wifes is getting an apartment in Portland. She told my wife that she has relatives that live there and it is a VERY low crime town. Also her 2 bedroom/2 bath apartment is $650 month.

Please keep your eyes open for nice rent houses or nice apartments. Its looking like things are working out for us to move in late June or early July :eek: