cost of replacing floor pans.?

Depends on a few factors, are you gonna buy brand new pans, used pans. Are you gonna cut out the old ones and replace or is a shop gonna do the work for you, to many variables in your ?.
Once again it matters if you take the car to the shop all taken apart,seats out, carpet out, pans already cut out. Can range from a couple hundred to just cut and weld in new ones quick to thousands for taking entire inside of car apart, cutting out old pans, cutting and welding in new pans,grinding and painting then putting entire inside of car put back together. How handy are you? How friendy are you with shop?
Yes gonna do the cleaning and gutting my self . But they will have to take out the old pans and install the new
Pretty handy can do almost anything around the car just don't weld I will take it apart my self and install myself rug seats kick panals console belts .
Where is a good place to get the floors if I can't fined them local used ?
Depends how much of the pan you need. Smaller pans are pretty cheap really. Or there are pans that go clear back into passenger back seat area too. Kirbans or Highway Stars have those. I forget the company name where I got the smaller pan. I can look it up and post it tomorrow. You can even get the entire pan, door to door, trans hump and all the works.
Classic to Current Fabrication. They have pans of various sizes.
Small section of drivers floor is what I have ordered before. $55 + shipping. Nice thick material. Just template and cut out what you need. Overlap your new good metal onto your existing floor about 1/2" all the way around and you'll have a nice fit.
Obviously as stated the more work you do ahead of time the less costs you will have. Granted I have a friend who welds for a living. But I did all the prep. Cut out old rotted section, cut new pan and ground pan and floorboards to bare metal. $40 for his time. Took him about 45 mins which includes his arriving and set up.
I'd say you even could go to a weld shop and ask if anyone does some side work. Tell them you have a small job, describe it and maybe they'll even come to your place and weld it up there.
my warning. Get what you pay for. People pay me extra to do the job correct. Just make sure you get all the cancer out. order a pan bigger than what you need. If you need pans, traditionally you have a good bit of rust under cross members as well. I dont use C2C as i would prefer a metal die stamped piece the same as what I am removing. This way I can trace exact the cutout and butt-weld into place with no issues. I put a complete floor into my 71 monte a couple months back, took me less time than cutting out two pans, welding in two pans. All I had was two seams, and spot welds on the cross braces. Very clean nice install. Car felt completely sold with a nice new floor. Needs strength as it is a high hp car.
When you said you ground the pans to metal do you mean just where you going to weld it at the edges right
When you said you ground the pans to metal do you mean just where you going to weld it at the edges right
Yeah. Just where the bead of weld is going to be at.
Again, depending on how extensive the section is I can definitely see where the molded pan is of benefit. It is just a 12" sq in the center, even the C2C pan has the stock ridges in the pan you can match up.
I'll let Toby chime in where he recommends for the stamped pans as I have not had any experience with any companies. I know Highway Stars has more extensive pans, just depends on how much you need.
Thanks for your reply going to go take a good look at the car just thinking whether or not to buy this car because of the floors want to know how bad it's going to hit me in the wallet
here is the skinny. look at my name, this is the brand. Most if not all companies use the same tool and brand it under their name. They are all the same. No one has had enough volume yet on the tools to make additional molds.

so, to answer your question.


any that carry an oem style piece you will like. They are nice. If you have small rot, use C2C, they are not die stamped, they are tool bent pieces. As long as you are not trying to match edges to factory weep marks you will be good.