Cracking on roof by 1/4 glass.


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Jan 29, 2004
What is the best way to solve the cracking by the 1/4 glass? I'm not looking to add a cage or roll bar. It is street driven only.
you can get a rear seat brace kit, that braces the body right behind the back seat and should prevent the cracking. I'm about to get one as well
beat-o-meter rating

mine are about an inch long. On a scale from 1 to 10 where is that? BTW, I have never (legally) driven the car so I didn't do it.
Damn, if those are beat-o-meters than every GN I see is beat.:eek: Its rare to see an original paint GN without any.
all GNs I believe will do that at some point of car has had them since day one...sometimes an eye sore but you get so used to car will be repainted sometime next year so i'm not worried about them...get a good detail job done on the car and it looks good regardless of the cracks...

btw sometimes people think your car is extremely powerful and fast if they see those me i have heard them before;) :D :rolleyes:
Scale of 1 to 10. Mine on the left is up to 2' so yours is a 10 and mine is 11 or 12. Just make sure no moisture can get in there, these cars are real prone to rusting in the roof rail area.
Even my old Monte SS had them real bad.....GM design flaw, extra hp doesn't help either :)
Fix? Put a vinyl top on it then you won't see them.:D
My Cutlass had a vinyl top and when I repainted it it was removed and filled, 2 years later and it is beginning to show:( Like others said you will likely be the only person who notices and you begin to overllok it. "Character marks" if you will.
btwI have all the braces installed and the stock 2 bbl v6 now. Another Cutlass I have right now had a badly rotted vinyl top so I just removed it for repair and it has a chunk of the filler they used for the seams that just came off. I agree with the design flaw.