Craig, I have a few questions for you


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May 24, 2001
I'm building a data aquisition system for my dyno, using GM sensors and a desktop computer. I need to find some data tables that correlate sensor voltage to actual data. I have data aquisition cards that will log the data via voltage, I just need the tables so I can convert the sensor voltage to temperature, pressure, A/F ratio (O2 sensor), and air flow (MAF). I plan to use a coolant temp sensor, a MAT sensor, a MAP/Baro sensor, a MAF sensor, and several O2 sensors. If you have any suggestions for which particular sensors I should get, I'd be very happy to have that too. How fast should I sweep them, and how accurate are they? My dyno is a Kahn, 1,000 horsepower, 10,000 RPM capacity. We already have the torque, RPM, and a couple of other functions actually logging.
You could proabably use the same sensors we use with our EFI systems. Shop for a 1990 Camaro with a 350 for the MAP, coolant, and air temp sensors. As for a MAF sensor, I coudn't help you there. Everything we do is speed/density so I have no experience with MAF sensors.

As far as voltage vs. temp, you can figure this out yourself rather easily. Simply heat some water in the microwave, stick a temperature probe in the water, and record the resistance of the sensor at several different temps. The voltage that would correlate with a particular temp depends on the circuitry used to read the temp sensors. The sensors will be just as accurate as the info in your conversion table.
Thanks Craig. Do you have any opinions on O2 sensors? I need to be able to measure A/F ratio in order to know if my BSFC calculations are accurate.