Crazy import power!!


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I wondered where all the power came from!:tongue:


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    42 KB · Views: 609 much power,he slung the belt.he's looking to see who's going to put the belt back on so he can get back to work....
Im not sure this is hamster powered, but this IMPORT made 1,580 at the wheels, hits 242mph in a standing mile, and 7's in the 1320'


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and he proves duct tape will do just fine instead of actual fiberglass work on the corner of the cracked/damaged lower bumper!
(at least its black and not THAT noticable.....)

I noticed how on very very old engines, the valvetrains were exposed to the air, and required hand oiling (you use your hand to operate the oiling mechanism) far we've come to the point of using a hamster wheel to operate a timing BELT..;)
look at the first picture of the Supra again. where's the turn signal lamp? ;) do we have the date codes for the pictures?

I'd wager the first picture of the Supra, with the taped up corner and extra cars in background took place after a few laps on the track, hey, it couldve kissed the wall, or another car in a lap! (it happens alot on actual race cars that does autocrossing not just drag racing)
It just looks to me like they covered up all the "pockets" that could "trap" air and slow the car down. They left the grill open for intercooler/radiator airflow. Covered up the removed side marker light in the fender also. Seen this done for lots of "top end" trials and keeping the frontal area more rounded so the air goes around the vehicle and not so much dragging against the front end with all the open areas. :)
ok another thing. possibly trick of perspective, but the reflection line is not quite parallel to the bottom of the opening, if the opening itself from head on view is rectangular, even if from top view, the bumper cover is a curved unit, wouldnt it be at least pretty close to parallel even in perspective in the taped up picture? i mean, compared to the pic of it getting shined....