Crossing fingers for no coolant leaks


The Reaper
Jun 12, 2001
Heads have been back for several weeks. My wife had surgury and I've been buizy with that and trying to keep up with finances and home/work obligations. ANYWAY, I spend yesterday afternoon putting the heads back on, intake and fabricated the inlet pipe. I've still got to body/paint that today.
I'm going to run the valves,fill with oil and coolant and hopefully they will all stay in the places they belong!:rolleyes:
Wish me luck,



Drove it for the first time last night. Never got into any boost because I had no laptop to log anything with and a few more things on my to-do list but it was a good drive. No leaks coolant temp was 169-171 Oil Press was Excellent.

I'd like to thank all the guy's I'd bought the used parts from this board!!!!!!

The .76mm turbo, The Turbo 400 Trans/w brake and conveter, Injectors,Alterntaor relocate bracket and so much more. All work great!!!!
Thank you SO much for selling good used stuff at prices a guy like me can afford!!!!! You made this possible!!!!!

I've got to paint the last large pipe and I'll take final pictures.

Too cool, Scott. Glad it is up and running. Now finish that sucker up so I can see it make a pass!
So far so good....

Got a bit over 50miles on it now. Major things seem to be working well together.
FAST system needs alot of tuning. I remember having trouble with stalling when putting it into gear when It was Paul's and his setup. I'll start tuning a little today now that the laptop is all setup and working.

I'm going to spend some time this morning putting the Heater box back to where it is useable again and other things that Paul had disabled, Wipers ect. I'd like for everything that was in the car stock to be back inplace and working.
I better get to it :)



looks much better now that the intercooler pipes are prepped and painted on the core support. When the welds were fresh, I was like :eek: and now i'm like:) those cars get crazy in the rear end with the 5.7 tpi in them, but with that turbo set up, you'd better hold on to that steering wheel:eek:
you need a non AC heater box ???? :confused: I have one I was goin to use in my TTA stage2 car :rolleyes: :cool:
Thanks for the replys... :)

I set up the rear end when it was Paul's car. It's a 9" ford with detroit locker,nodular center section 35spline axels and 3:50 gear. I did a coil over rear suspension with QA1's and South Side lift bars. (no stock lower controll arms)
With no T-brake the last engine with 200R4 was 1.48's with 6psi off foot brake.
I have not hooked up the Trans brake yet but I'll get up the nerve before long. I've never had a transbrake car and I'm a little scared. :)

I just got done modding the stock heater box. It's back in it's place. This was a factory non/AC car! So I had to make a little more room for the 5"DP to pass through. I'll body/paint the box and inlet pipe today.

My Nissan is sitting in the shop now that the Camaro is done. I wonder if it misses me Lol
Trans brake!

You are going to LOVE the trans brake. Feels like you've been hit in the back by another car. Release the button and hold on!
Yep... It's out of allum. and where the spring go's there's a stainless peice that I have on there now so it won't marr up the painted surface. A buddy of mine does the 3M clear protectant film and I'm going to put it over the peice so when I throw parts and tools on the top it won't get scratched and you shouldn't be able to tell that the protectant film is on there. I'll take another picture today. :)
Thanks... I can make another one or send you a template with out the cut-outs for the pipes. No Problem.

Here's another view.

Scott are you going to go MWC this year?It not far from you this year.

Dennis Butt

88 mustang gt 8.94 at 155.75mph (Buick powered)Sold
Winner of Q8 at midwest challange 2003
Runner up Q8 at midwest challange 2002
I should be there unless I break somthing in the few weeks here leading up to the event. The track is about a mile from my shop! Although I've been there only a few times in the last 5yrs.
Hope to see alot of cool Buick guys there!

What's your new project Dennis? I know you've been up to something!

I decided to go up to US131 Martin MI last Friday for the test and tune.

I'd not got on the car hard at all before going to the track. I knew I'd need

ALOT of tuning but it's not always safe to tune like that on the street.

Anyhow, I found out real quickly that the wastegate hole was way too small.

I saw 20psi once boost came on at WOT. I let out 3 times thinking that I

might hurt somthing. It went 11.71@118mph letting off several times.

Went back and checked the RJC boost controller .. it was on the lowest

setting. Checked the wastegate actuator.. it was as loose as I could get it

with out un-covering the hole. So I knocked 8deg. off the timing at WOT to

make sure I would not hit knock.

Next pass I actually rememberd to record the pass. It went 11.54@123.87mph

All passes I could not build boost so I went 1.94 60's. My AFR's through the

passes were 9.74 :eek: I didn't hit knock and boost seemed to be in the 19-

20 area. I made one more pass and went 11.50 again. There were ALOT of

cars there and Since i've not realy raced in about 9yrs I was a little jittery.

Forgot to record the last pass too. I need practice!!!! I must have forgotten

how to race!

The next day I adjusted the timing where I was foot breaking the car and it built about 12lbs of boost instead of the 4lbs I was getting at the track.
I need a shift light too since I shifted the car at 5100rpm. :rolleyes:

I'm happy with mid 11's as a starting point with rich fuel low shift points and lazy launches. Gota start somewhere!! That's part of the fun is tuning it to where the car can run to it's potential.
Hope to have some of the things solved by the Buick event here at OC in a few weeks.
See you all there,
Hey Scott, can you get the clear 3m tape? My truck is starting to get scratched up on the bed where the guys are reaching into my tool box. Congrats on finally getting that beast going. Ive been so busy I cant seem to get over your way but I am dyeing for a ride.
I just have to say...this is a VERY nice setup. Makes me want to make one just like it. I love the white and red. Looks great.

Good luck with everything and happy boosting!