Cruise control not working


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Dec 9, 2007
Hey all, I've just finished up swaping the powermaster over to vacuum brakes and now the cruise is not working.
I know for fact it was working prior to the swap, so I'm thinking I've disturbed something up in the brake pedal area while switching pedals.
When I drive the car and press the button, the cruise light in the dash does come on, but won't set for desired speed. I did notice there were 2 small round push switches that ride the brake pedal. Could one of those be the culprit? Thoughts? TIA
Check the brake switch between the brake pedal lever and the firewall. If the brake pedal lever is pushing on it then it will shut off the cruise.
I can't see a switch between the pedal and firewall. Only switchs I see are in front of the pedal (towards seat) two stacked vertically. I thought these were for the brake lights.
Fixed! That's exactly what it was. The switch at the pedal. I guess while I was mucking around in there I knocked it back in it's holder. I adjusted it so it's fully depressed with the brake pedal in resting position and all is good. Cruise works perfect again and loc-up too. Thanks guys.......I should have done a better search or changed my wording. Didn't realize this was such a common problem and there's lot's of info on here regarding this issue.
Oh, and for any 1st timers on here wanting to adjust either switch(cruise or brake light) at the pedal, the switch just slides in a locking tang sort of bracket. You just get a hold of the switch and slide towards the pedal. If that makes any sense.