Cruzn57 !


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Oct 28, 2002
Thank you for you help and generosity! Unfortunately for the competition, it looks as though we are back in business and will be ready for the WCN shortly.:eek: For anyone in doubt, yes, he is the "Santa Claus" of the community! :D

Thanx Lee!

-Scott Wile
good to hear your up and running. cant wait to see that thing rip again this year at the WCN.
Ho Ho Ho

merry xmas, oooops
wrong holiday.

glad it's ok, looking forward to seeing it run,
so this means you don't wanna run against my Toyota Solara?
lucky you, as it gets 35mpg, AND..... runs lo 7's ( maybe to much eggnog!)

let me know if you need anything,

Lee ( santa) :confused:
Should have it running again by tonight. I wonder how much faster Lee's 235ci motor will be than my 231ci?:confused: Those extra 4 cu in gotta be good for something, right? :cool:

Btw, I was kidding about the "Sanat Claus" part, but I can't think of anyone else who would generous enough to loan out a motor!:smile:

Scott Wile
there only one other person that i know of that will loan out a motor. i have a friend of mine that painted my car say hey while your motor is getting built you can put my race motor in yours. i had to decline.
Lee is the man...Lets not forget about the time when Lee spent most of his day off to help tow my car to Lou' if that wasn't enough, he stayed to help me pull the motor.

Thanks again to Lee.

Scott, I dont know you, but I know how it feels to not run. Congrats on getting the car running again...I mean truck ;)