CZ street/strip 2004R with brake


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Jul 4, 2001
Street/Strip 2004R lock up with brake.
This has a Monte SS CZ hi-po valvebody (model), and the trans has all my usual parts. 550 and 400 boost valves, pump ring kit, Alto clutches (extra throughout) and wide Red band with our shift calibration.(shift kit)
This unit is a lock up with a big servo, and transbrake. The input shaft and drum are hardened. Has a stock pan with a custom baffle for fluid control, and a drain plug installed.
This trans will have nice firm shifts, and shift at nearly 5500 at WOT. Perfect for a ported heads and cam car.
Biggest difference between this and the BRF is a later WOT upshift, 5200`ish vs 5500, and a slightly earlier third gear while cruising. (most people never notice) With all correct wiring and switches for a GN, with the correct black plug.
Price on this unit is $1650 + $150 shipping in the U.S. (continental 48) This price includes the core.

For $300 more, we can install a deep sheetmetal pan and bottom pick up for a bit more added insurance.

This transmission should be run with a 10 inch or similar hi-po converter. (9/11,9.5, etc) We could easily change this over to non lock up, or remove the transbrake.
You can also search the trans forum for info on the CZ valvebodies.
This build, when used with the correcct converter is easily capable of running well into the 10`s.

You can view feedback in that forum on this board.
Search under brian, or Brian Hofer
Thank you, Brian