D or OD w/ 9"nlu


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Jul 15, 2001
I was at the track last night w/ 255/60/15 street radials on (left at 0psi) and was around 100mph in the traps. My converter is an original art carr 9"nlu w/ around 3000-3200 stall. The motor sounded like it was spinning a little too fast in D. I can't tell what my rpms actually were b/c my stock tach reads about 800 higher than actual. Should I be racing in OD? What do you think my rpms were actually at in D? Thanks.

I guess to sum it all up, I thought the a/c 9" might have really increased rpms through the traps since it does when you're building boost at the line. Can someone explain to me why it does/doesn't? Thanks again.
I have run 118MPH in the 1/4. That was in "D" with an A/C 9 inch. How old are your valve springs? It sounds like they are weak and your floating the valves. I think you should be able to do 120mph in 3rd anyway.:)
Thanks for the reply, Joe.
My car has less than 30k on the clock, but I was still thinking that it might be a good idea to replace them this winter.