Daily driver and alky

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Is anybody running alky on their DD? What kind of mpg are you getting? Running multiple tunes? Sorry new to alky im use to high compression hondas...
I drive mine almost daily. The ALKY doesnt spray unless you get into boost, no affect on MPG. Not sure why you would need multiple tunes, you mean a tune for alky and without alky?? I just tune it and run the alky all the time, I'm always set on KILL lol.
Alky doesn't spray unless you get on it....BUT, with the extra HP on tap, you will find yourself using that power more which decreases your MPG.

If you have a chip burned for alky it automaticaly "tunes" itself for the amount of horsepower demanded. It adds gasoline and alky in direct relation to the amount of boost present.
we run Alky in all our cars here including my new DD Buick/wagon .. Wagon is a stock GN motor.. Melissa's street GN about 700 hp + .. So there it is.. low side an high side. Straight Meth !! Mileage is determined by the right foot :cool:
Check the first sticky at top of page. Page 1 has many good pics, and the pic of the bottle installed behind battery is in the lower section of page 1.
I don't daily drive mine any more (stopped about 2 yrs ago) but can tell you that alky on a street car is the best bang for your buck mods for these cars! I have been a TR alky user since 2001 when I bought a non-prog SMC kit. I converted over earlier this year to Razor's PAC Alkycontrol kit and it is the bomb! :cool::):D Make sure you have the necessary tune, knowledge, and ability to monitor knock, etc on your car before stepping up though.
I drive mine on a regular basis (no daily though). I pull ALOT of fuel out with the alky pump at full pressure. So i get better MPG, only at WOT. :biggrin:
Its simple, if your chip/tune is setup to supplement meth for fuel, then you use less fuel. If its not setup to pull fuel, then you wont save fuel.