Dan Eggers in Centennial , Colarado - anybody know him??


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Curious if anyone on here knows this guy?? Dan Eggers in Centennial , Colorado. Im having an issue with him and want to see if he is a member on this forum!!
Thanks Mike:rolleyes:
TTT Anybody?? Thanks Mike:rolleyes:

Hey Mike-

I have a few customers in Centennial and will be going right through there on my way to Estes Park Co tomorrow and returning through there on Thursday.

Want me to do a little snooping for you?

Can you shoot him in one of his feet??:eek: Kidding!! I bought a crank from him on E-bay that was .010/.010 but may to be polished. I get it and its already .020/.030 and in dire need of being turned. I contacted him about it and he assured me that his engine man told him that it was fine and I should be happy to use it. After I convinced him that it was nothing like it was described he had me send it back to him to check it out. After receiving it back , he admits that it was not as described and sends me my original purchase price , but not the $30.00 shipping it cost to go both ways. I have opened a case against him with E-bay , since he will not correspond with me about it. So buyer beware of this guy!! Mike:(