Danica Patrick in Nascar!

How many races has Danica Patrick won? :rolleyes:

She's the Anna Kournikova of auto racing...

Dewey said:
Well, she's resigned with Rahal for a few more years so I guess we won't have to worry about it. As far as Toyota in NASCAR, it's just a body. Toyota doesn't make a pushrod production engine so as I understand it, they will be using Chevy power.... :biggrin:

Toyota invested 21 million dollars into their motor program for Cup. Look at the trucks. They have their own motor division. They ain't runnin Chevys.
The Nascar Trucks that Toyota are racing have a TOYOTA motor in them. It took them a year to get their crap together, but they are competititive now. Give them one year and they will be up front. You watch...

Your right Bruce. Toyota will have a good chance as long as Honda doesn't enter the picture.
dreams a funny dream...... ;)

"And here comes Dale Jr. #8, driving for Honda at the Daytona 500, in his new Honda Accord Nascar!" Well hopfully if Honda does decide to get into nascar, hope they can do better then their doing in F1 rofl!!!! Even a huge company like HONDA can't hang in F1. :cool: thats good stuff.

I like REGGIES comment; In my mind if you can drive it, go for it! Its just the bottom line I guess, and I'm a straight forward type of person. BTW Reggie I saw you Pops @ Irwindale last thursday, hope he told ya hi for me. Heh I lost him after he took off with Rick to the hot dog stand :biggrin: I had to run back to the track to get Brent destroying a Viper on video :D

I like Da Don's comment too; Oh but she's fun to watch and root for. Can't help it. I like underdogs.

2 people I highly respect in this GN world, saying exactly what needs to be heard!
danika is hotttt!!

It would be great to see her in NASCAR, because I never watch IRL!! Except for the INDY 500..


Danika is friggin hotttttt!!!
Yes, she's hot but.......

What happens when tempers flare and fist start flying, do you think Jr, Stewart, Busch, and ? will punch her out, or??...
does everyone not read all of the thread before they post replies? :rolleyes:
she's sticking to a REAL racing league. as for the guy that said when she won her last race...when's the last time you won an IRL race? why bash someone that can wheel better than you can. yea, she's nowhere near the best driver in the league now but she isn't the worst either. nascar<indy<f1 plain and simple.
If she switched to nascar, its still not going to entice me to watch it unless at the end of every race she jumps up on the hood of her car and strips down to her undies. :biggrin:
that aint right.
No seriously, go girl power! or whatever the heck it is they say.
If I where a hot chick, I'd be so lazy it wouldn't even be funny. So my hats off to her. I'd marry and divorce enough times till I had enough cash to buy about 10 turbobuicks though. Imagine some smo in his big block v8 gettin his doors blown off by a v6, and a girl too. :biggrin: