dash lights?


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i was just wondering what is normal as far as the lights that light up the dash as u turn the key on but not starting the car? for example wen i turn the key to the first click only my oil/choke, fasten seatbelts, and the service engine light up should there be others as well? just want to know what lights u guys get thanx
interesting that explains alot ive been following a short for a longtime maybe this it how hard is it to change the voltage bulb?
Not too bad. The plastic bezel that surrounds the entire panel unsnaps by pulling it towards you. That should expose a couple 7/32 screws you have to remove the gain access to the bulb. It'll make sense when you see it after removing the bezel.
ok i got to the bulbs first off there wasnt a bulb in the volt socket so i tried pulling one out so i can see the small printing on it so that i purchase the right watts but it doesnt have it so first question how many watts should those bulbs be? i seen 3 different ones ranging from 2.6w -4.7w my next question is should all the bulbs b the same size ? i ask because the brake light bulb is bigger in size and it looks like over time its slowly burned melted the white casing that sits over the bulbs and last question how do u guys remove these bulbs ? i can barely get my fingers in there to pull it out any ideas tips ? thanx oh by the way i did check the voltage idiot light with a tester so i know it works