dash metal frame


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Nov 12, 2002
ok i need the metal framing that sits inside the radio opening that the radio, heater controls and cig lighter mount onto can it replaced? if u have this let me know a pic would b nice just so i know we r talking about the right piece thank you
By "thats part of the dash" he means its part of the skeleton the dash is molded onto. It'd be like wanting to replace the leg bone inside a chicken, you wouldn't really want to do it right? Instead just make dinner and get a new chicken.

*IF* for any reason you went after it, you need to strip vinyl padding layer off and remold the dash around the new piece - aka, for all intents and purposes not replaceable as its an unrealistic amount of work.

If someone cut yours up for some reason, its time for a new dash pad...
. 84 radio openings are different from the 87
it does unbolt
i have one pulled that looks NOS.. from an 87 ,
whats it worth?
the shipping alone from NJ to CA would cost 10.70 via USPS flat rate medium box
thats kinda what i thought i have an 85 and the other day i seen a pic of someone selling that piece and cant find it now so ive been questioning it ill take it of ur hands pacecarta can u send me a pic of it? will it work on my 85? assuming 84 and 85's are somewhat linked?
the one i have is an 87 , i posted a pic on my last post
i pulled it from an 87 GN dash as it had zero rust
i know they are slightly different as a buddy tried to use an 84 dash to replace his 86s and had issues with the mounting plate differences when he went to use his 86 parts

it should work but i beleive the stock radio mounting plates were the issue
ok just checked mine out its the same piece u have in the same picture ill take it give me a fair deal and consider it sold and save me a trip to the junkyard