Dash Question


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Jul 8, 2005
Has anyone seen an original TTA with a 120-mph speedometer? I thought they all had 140-mph units. The tach and boost gauge looks correct and the font matches between the two. I figure the speedometer has probably been switched with a 305 unit, but this is supposed to be an all original TTA so I was just wondering if it might be a production substitution and if any more cars might have come that way?

To my knowledge all the TTAs had the standard GTA dash with the boost gauge, which all went up to 140. Most those gauge panels looked exactly the same with minor differences which is why it looks correct but isn't. You can find a 140 speedo out of a junkyard car if it matters. Call Hawks motorsports in NC, they can get you one.
I was pretty sure all of the 5.7 cars had a 140 but I was wondering about the 5.0 cars, especially the non-T/A ones. Looks like the face design is pretty much the same on all of them. Just strange that a supposedly original dash TTA has a 120 instead. Just wondering if it might have been a "Monday" car, lol.
I have owned 5 TTa's and personally laid eyes on over a hundred of them and i have never seen or heard of such.. that said it's not impossible .. though i would be very skeptical...
I was wondering the same thing. GTA sourcepage says after 1986 all Pontiac tpi cars 5.0 and 5.7 have the 140 speedometer