Dash Repair. Can this be fixed?


On the drawing board shortly is replacing the speaker grille piece,as well as the original windshield which has many micro-chips. Might was well have the area around the windshield painted while the windshield is out!

Can an upholstery guy fix this dashboard issue? I did show it to a guy who does headliners and seats,he said no.

Can't this just be filled?? Especially easy with the windshield and speaker grille piece out...

Trying to plan this next project.


Nice find Pronto. I moved it to the show car resto section and stuck it since I don't think anyone has posted a solution like this before.(y)
Glad to help.

Highmileage, if you try it out take some pics for us to see.
I'm probably a little to late to this, but if you're not interested in doing it yourself?

My choice for local auto upholstery recommended the local franchisee for FIBRENEW. I guess they are fairly recent to our area but he has seen some nice repairs they did on a couple pontoons and some auto plastics too.

Link time - just click on LOCATIONS.

I'm planning to take a speaker cover (top dash panel) to the guy for an estimate.
Unfortunately there isn't anyone who can do this repair near the Albany area.

Thanks for the reply. You are not too late.
I wonder if Fibrenew would fix it on the car or would you have to pull the dash out?

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It's been 1 1/2 years and it still looks like it does in the pic. ....and I still haven't found anyone or have come up with solid solutions.

My original windshield should be replaced. It's got small chips from over the years.

With the windshield out,it seems be the perfect time to fix the top of that dash.

I'm surprised no one has the shrinking dash problem.
Get that kit and the prep for 30 bucks and give it a whirl. Can't be any worse than what you got now.