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Big Bird R/T

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Using the new windows software, CCom WP, I set up the Data Logger today for 20 frames / sec and a 15 sec log. When playing back the file I find the "graph time, time frame" doesn't match the time displayed as you play back the run. Anyone know which is accurate? Lance?

I'll look into this straight away but my guess is that the time display is correct as it's a timestamp field embedded in the file when it's created.

I can't duplicate this problem at all. Could you please email me the offending data log file?

I received your log file and what appears to be happening is that you have too much overhead for logging at 20 frames per second with 14 sensors. Perhaps your PC isnt up to the task or maybe windows had something going on in the background. It could even be communication errors causing a lot of retry attempts.

What's happening is that the frame interval is being reported all over the place from .02 seconds to .20 seconds. At 20 frames per second, the interval should be steady at .050 seconds. What's really happening is that only 13 frames per second are being logged and this is throwing off the scaling which is set for 20 frames per second. Try setting the frame rate back to 10 frames per second.