Dayton, OH Engine Building Party


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Feb 4, 2004
Engine Building Party at my place tomorrow afternoon. Sorry for the short notice but I just got fed up with having engine parts in my garage with no engine... now its time to put it all together. PM me for directions and such.

Well I had a Chebby friend, a fellow Aggie living up north for work and a dude from work who lets me use his paintbooth and beadblaster show up... not a bad crew to be with. Here's the score...
Broke 2 rings since I have to use that silly band type ring compressor so now I only have 5 slugs in and I need to pull one since it has the "backup" ring on it which is 0.003" too big anyway
Cam Thrust is a bit loose at 0.011" with all the shims I have
Crank Thrust is a bit tight at 0.005"
Oil pressure regulator piston jammed in the bore when I tried to press it in, not sure if its shot or not
Boogered a main stud thread with a pair of vicegrips (don't tell me... I already know and have heard it enough)
Don't know the torque values that the block was align bored at so I'm holding off on torquing anything down
Had to helicoil a waterpump bolt hole (really easy honestly)
Found my crank key is too tall for the Indy Lites Hub and my engine stand is too close to get the flexplate on
Realized I have no idea how to assemble the acessory bracket system.

Thats all I can think of right now, probably lost some brain cells to the fumes of a can of TB and brake cleaner.