Deep oil pan for Turbo Regal


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Sep 1, 2008
Looking to see if someone has a deep pan laying around before I buy new.I had to modify my crossover to fit this pan.the one on my motor is pushed back close to the flywheel not allowing my pipe to clear.


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For a minute I thot I was back in HS!
I used it on my 39 Chevy with the "split manifold" I made in shop class,:LOL:
I have one I purchased from another guy on here not that long ago.
Im slowly buying parts for my motor and have a powder coating machine
Im not planning on building any time soon so i will offer to sell you mine but it
will be powder coated first because its ready to coat now. Pm me if interested
Im thinking 300 powder coated your color ?
Anyways LMK.


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