deep trans pan


10's here i come
Jun 11, 2001
where can i get the deep trans pan so i can run the 700r4 filter and about how much are the pans.

thanks guys
Art Carr sells a nice aluminum 2 qt. extra deep tranny pan. I've seen other vendors sell them also. Probably around $150 or so. I run one and it looks great. Bruce also sells a nice deep tranny pan set up but I don't know the price of his. HTH Randall
Do yourself and your buick a favor

Get a deep pan from bruce.

If you end up buying the A/C pan, you'll still have to mill the pads of the pan around the filter to fit the 700 filter. The fluid will still run to the back of the pan away from the filter and the pump will start to cavitate {not cool} on heavy acceleration. Adding a extra 1 qt will help, but not completely correct this.

This is not a slam on the A/C pan in any way. It's a good looking part. But if your going to hammer your buick the way most of us do, get a pan and pick up from bruce.
Jimmy's transmission in IL. uses a spacer and runs the 700 filter. I think he gets around 60 bones for the spacer.
Good Luck
Bruce's deep pan is nice. I recommend it. Even has a drain hole on the rear side of the pan too.
Hey Craig...

Tell Jimmys I made 100 of those extensions. (Extruded aluminum, or billet) I told Art Carr I had them and he said he wanted them. But to this day I have not heard anything from Art. . I got them and sell them for about 12.50 each. Got about 80 left. Wouldnt mind at all unloading them as the original plan was to use them , then we came up with the "bottom feeder" TM system that we use now.:)

Bruce.....You might wanna give Jimmy a call yourself. I belive you talk to him alot more than I do. If your lookin for 12.50 a piece, why not sell em here ?? Im sure alot of board members would interested in an alternative to a deep pan. Maybe put together a kit w/ the filter and the 2 pan gaskets required.
BTW Bruce...Im not doin outside sales for Jimmy, just lettin ppl know of an alternative :Þ
I would have to agree with gnsrule on this one. I have a full race Jimmy's trans with the Art Carr pan and got laughed at by my friend Pete who had Bruce build him a 2004R for his Cutlass. Well, two years have passed and my buddy has had nothing but problems with his trans and I have had none, and I am putting more power through the trans then my friend is. Blackplague you are mistaken. What you stated is exactly what happens in the deep pans Bruce sells because there is no wall to stop the fluid from moving to the back of the pan under acceleration like in the Art Carr pans. This is just one of the problems my friend has had with his trans. Take a look for yourself and see in the pictures Bruce posted. I would have to say go with the Art Carr pan.
Peter Ladowski

Function wise it is fine. He has this evasive leak that no one can seem to cure. But I designed it to slosh and lube the low clutch and sprag all the time. With the new rear sump pickup, all the fluid is there anyway. Best pick up sump on the market today, bar none.

To each his own for sure.

i've got bruces pan with filter to the rear of it and i dont see how it could loose fluid unless your racing in reverse
Hey Red...He is kinda correct ....

The first ones (and he got one of the first) had a 700 filter until I came up with the rear sump. Back then, that is what was available. We made the extensions and used the 700 filter. Upgrades for all the early ones are now called "Bottom Feeeder Systems" ,and are available to upgrade to , just like the one you have.

Isn't technology and progress a bitch?

How dare me make something better.!!!! :D

well Bruce you got it right thats what counts right ?

how abut putting a better clip in the pan kit to hold the transfer tube in :D (see my other thread)

so far i've got a converter and a pan of Bruces in my car and both work like desighned to do

and Bruce if i were to ship you a converter id drain it first...:D
dont relay to me on that i had nothing to do with it other than recomending your 9/11 to start with so i guess im partly at fault but hey its one of the nicest converters i've used just wish could aford one...:( one day i will have one.

We red loctite them in and I play hell getting them out afterwards. Plus the loctite will seal any little leaks the tube may have.
I had that happen once. What a pain in the arse...:( But it only happened once as I am sure you will never have happen again, either ...LOL:)

I plan on road racing my car, I have 13' baer brakes on the front and I can stop ALOT faster than I can go forward. What filter setup would you recommend for this kind of car, bottom feeder or stock? I plan on using the PTS shallow pan since I have a lowered car. TIA
Get the deep pan with the new pickup. It does not hang down below the crossmember or cat. Even if the pickup could get uncovered under braking, it does not seem like a big deal to me because you are not putting any power to the trans. My .02

Can your aluminum sheet metal pans withstand lifting the weight of the tranny, providing a block of wood (say 2x10x10) is used under the pan?

even with a block of wood, there still might be more force directly over the floor jack's "teeth", on its pad.
they are not thin like a stock pan they are like 1/4 sheet of alum they are very sturdy

if you didnt mind scratches you could put the jack on the pan itself with no more weight than the tranny on it but the wood wont scratch it up