deep trans pan

True, True... I'll bet it is stronger than a stock steel one.....T6061 aluminum. Bottoms and rails are 3/16ths thick and sides are 1/8th inch thick. Very very sturdy and strong.
Why is the Art Carr pan $170 and the one from Bruce is $250. What is the differences in the product? Drain plug and accepts 700 filter? I have a chance to but an Art Carr pan cheap, that has a drain plug and was modified to accpet the 700 filter. Any reason why I should stay away from it?
The Art Carr is cast aluminum and has the potential for pin holes and leaks. Atleast some locals around here have had that problem with the Art Carr pan. I would prefer the trick, fabricated sheet aluminum look myself.
Am i going to kill my trans with out and bigger trans pan, i do a good bit of racing and still have the stock pan on it.