Denso or Bosh & why? Which one for best Tune?

THIS IS WHAT I AM TALKING ABOUT...getting info. from guys who have ignored the so called "conventional wisdom" and experimented on their own seeing what works and what does not on their applications. Thank you very much Patrick (RUQWKNF), VadersV6, Bison and TurboDave, you guys have given me so much info these last two days that I am so pump up to see what can this car really do.

I like the fact that you guys are not chewing me out for not being one of those cookie cutter GN guys who only seem to follow what every one else is saying and/or doing. Vader, I too was an old 5.0 guys with a Vortech back in the day, I can’t tell you how many times people were calling a liar because I ran faster than them with less mods. Why? Because I did not follow the so called rules of tuning; I sat down and experimented with my car seeing what she liked. Yes, it was time consuming but it was worth it; I wasn't popping head gaskets or breaking other silly parts either.

Patrick, like you suggested, I've been writing every thing down, from the day I purchased my GN when it felt like a mid 14's car. I’ve been logging everything, even tire pressure settings. I've been going to work on 4hrs of sleep for most these last few days because I’ve been going out late at night around town testing and re-tuning my changes; I think I'm pretty much there now. Weather permitting; I'll be going to the track this Friday to see if all these efforts have gotten me somewhere. That is why I ran out all of the 93oct stuff and adding the 117oct leaded gasoline.

This will be my very first time with higher boost levels with this car, and I am taking you guys’ advice. I will start with 23psi of boost and timing in the 22* (1st and 2nd) and 20* in 3rd. I will test this combo tonight and report back; my little 215/65/15 tires are in for a rude awakening.

So, should I get another bosh O2 sensor for the track only? I believe this leaded 117 is going to kill this sensor…right?

Thanks :)
With that much octane you should be able to turn the boost up to the limit of your injectors or turbo. The TE-44 turbo should go to 28 psi at 5300 rpm before its blowing too much hot air. Ive also noticed the leaded race fuel raises the egt a lot vs the unleaded pump gas with no other changes. For starters it isnt 10% ethanol like most states gas is and im sure the burn rate effects the O2 numbers also. You will have a real tire burner with that boost. It will fry the tires everytime at WOT unless you are in 3rd.
i want to make you aware of one other thing

you are running a TT chip
if you do smoke the sensor you will have high BLMs and washdown so ...
unplug the orange wire to the ecm to reset the blms and then reconnect it
reset your fuel settings that you run with
unplug the o2 and leave it unplugged ,
TT chips will run just fine without it and youll be able to drive home with out fear of washing down the cylinders