Detailed inside trunk


Bob The Trunks Have A Flat-textured Type Need To Look At The Trunk Kit In My Car. It Helps Also To Protect Your Quarters From Outward Dents From Items Sliding In The Trunk.. Maby I'll See You This Weekend,you Can Check It Out...
The inside of the trunks were undercoated from the factory. Dont use cheap undercoat. The undercoat from the factory was thin. The cheap stuff comes out in clumps. Go to a paint supply store and get the good stuff! It makes a heck of a difference in the long run!
I will snap some pics of mine this weekend,it's not 100% factory but it looks damn good...:)
Took a few weeks but here ya go..:)


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Trunk paint available at most auto parts stores. It comes out clumpy if you don't shake it well enough. But it's not 100% correct to factory...I am not concerned with that.:)