Did i blow a headgasket




I was driving my car last night after adjusting the TPS. I am almost sure it wasnt perfect. Well, it was running great at 2/3 throttle and i decided to step on it real fast to see how it was running.

Floored it, car hesitated, lit up the tires then went BANG really friggin loud. Idle ran up to 1500rpm for a block. No steam, no smoke.

I am not sure what the bang was, but it was LOUD. The motor is now making a ticking noise like a possibly blown headgasket (or cracked exh. manifold).

Going to go ahead and comp. test it tonight and hope for the best.

Any other indicators people? of course im going to check for oil in water, and water in oil.

Thanks people - Evan
sounds to me like it leaned out and backfired out the intake...usually happens when not enough fuel for the boost.

ticking is dfferent story nmeed more info on that.
Any other indicators people?

loss of vacuum will indicate a blown headgasket

excessive oil out the breathers when it blows the fire ring out below your intake manifold- and shoots the oil out the breathers

milk shake oil-

low compression in any cylinder-

maybe the ticking noise is just a broken rocker on the shaft-- pull the valve covers off and check after you check the other stuff
Hope its not blown.

Thanks guys, ill be checkin all that stuff!


You MAY have gotten lucky and NOT blown the HG (this time). But it sounds like it overboosted and wasnt fueled for that.

I Know this sounds off the wall but, if I have the heat, vent or ac on and run the car under boost the vacumm operated air diverter (under the passenger side dash)slams shut. It sounds like a backfire. The first time it happened to me I thought I blew the cat off because the noise sounded like it was under passenger floor board.

Everything seamed ok so I tried again (never satified till I break something). Then it sounded like the noise was in the car. I turned the heat off and no more noise.

I hope this is your problem. I just don't know to fix it


I went ahead and installed a fuel pump, hotwire kit, fpr set to 42lbs and a fuel filter. Car runs MUCH better now.

The car now makes 15# of boost instead of the 10 where it used to stop for awhile. Seems somethings going in the right direction finally. Things are running great, and im glad to not blow a gasket!

Thanks again - Evan