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So over the last 8 or so years I have assembled a large lot of die cast cars, mostly Hot Wheels, Johnny Lightning and other assorted 1/64 scale cars. I have the majority of them in boxes and they never see the light of day. I thought I would hold onto most of them to give to my son in the future (I don't have any kids or any in the near future).

Here is my dilemma, these boxes are in the corner of my garage in an area that is 4ftx2 ft and goes floor to ceiling and overflows from that also. I keep looking at the space thinking how nice it would be to have that for anything else. I know a few cars are valuable and I know most have very little value. Also this economy still sux right now for selling off some of these collectibles but I can't help but wonder if I should start clearing house or hold out a little longer:confused: I think I would keep only about 10% of what I have out there as I already have a lot more in the house that I don't intend to get rid of anytime soon.

I am leaning towards clearing out. Anyone want to offer an opinion?
Well, it's obviously your call. eBay is a GREAT place to move that stuff and you might be surprised.
I have some old Next Gen, Star Trek stuff, I know Im a dork. But its going to net me some green I think in another few years. Now that the guys who took the empire over flushed it down the toilet.

Olds, any hearses in the collection? haulin hearse? phantom coaches? anything like that?
I am going through the same stage right now too. I have collected about 360 1/18th diecst cars of all makes and models. I have decided to thin the collection out to what interests me. Keeping all of my GN's, Pontiacs and Olds'. Everything else, Mopars, Fords, etc., are going. I got to thinking where and when am I ever going to display all these cars. Its all in what you want to do with what you have. Like it was said earlier, it's nice to get the $$$ in your hand. EBay was mentioned before. Another place you can try to sell is a site called The Diecast Pub. Nice forum with a good group of participants. I have sold quite a few cars there. And if you are into diecast, its a good info site. If you visit, my screenname is the same there as it is here. Good luck!
GNvsTA - thanks for the link to The Diecast Pub! I've still got over 100 1/18th diecast after giving about 50 of them to my two sons for Christmas, including a GNX, GN's, etc. I wanted them to have them!

Thanks again. :D
Thanks for the advice and site suggestions. I have sold quite a few on e-bay before as well as collector shows. That is kinda where so much of the excess came from. would do a show or pick up extra Treasure Hunts with the intention of selling or trding and would forget about them. Also the oddballs that ended up holding onto. I have around 1000 1/64 cars (probably more, being conservative) and another 75+ 1/18 scale cars. I have a few boxes I am already weeding out now, will be on e-bay soon.

36indexgn; sorry I don't think I have any Hearses. I did have a Johnny Lightning White Lightning Munster's Coach and Dragula but sold them while they were hot;)