Different scanners= Different readings


Jul 19, 2002
When I got my car it was supposed to be tuned in without any knock. I believe that it was tuned with Turbo link. (Jay, tell me what you used)
About a week later I bought a scanmaster and saw unbelievable KR on it. It scared the hell out of me. After all sorts of work I have been unable to get the car to read under 7* during a boosted run on the scanmaster. Some runs saw over 30!!! Now here's the problem... I have been using Turbolink with the scanmaster for a bit now, and with an exception for a period with a bad MAF I have not seen more than one frame with 1.8* on TLink, but the scanmaster continues to go nuts. My guess is something wrong with the Scanmaster (probably), or I have it hooked up wrong (doubt it). So which one do I believe? If the scanmaster is right then I don't want to scatter the engine, and if the TL is right I can really turn this baby up. I need advise quick 'cause I have a race in a few weeks with a Hemi powered 300c and really don't want to loose.