Do they make Nitto tires for 15" fronts that match the rear Drag 555R Extremes?

Steve Petro

May 27, 2001
Does Nitto make a front 555R tire in a 15" size to match the Nitto Drag Radial 555R Extremes? I have found that they only make the drag radial for 15" and NO 15" for front use. Is this true?
What size ya need on front? Or if ya don't know, what rear are ya running so I can reccomend a front size? How wide front wheel as well helps this decision.

The NT 555 is going to be closest for looks but will be ZR rated in most cases.
I would like to run Weld Pro Stars all the way around.

Rear 15x8 with 3 1/2" backspace Nitto 555R Extreme Drag Radials 275/50/15 tires or BFG Drag Radials of the same size.

Front 15x7 backspace? With either 215/65/15 or ?????

If I put the BFG Drag Radials on the rear, then I would put some BFG radial on front.

Any suggestions would be great!

Your GN looks very nice with the wheel/tire combo.
I was also thinking about ET Streets on the rear and front??
Thanks for the kind words Steve.

I run the 215/65/15 (stock) size on front. They are a close match for the rear 275/50/15 tires. I just run the BFG radial TA tires on front so they are at least the same brand as my BFG Drag Radials but they don't have matching tread either. I just learn to live with it.

Not sure if they(M/T) make tires that match the ET Street looks/tread. You might want to check their web site.