Do You Guy's Have This Beer Yet??????


Mr. Dull
Oct 4, 2005
So good!!! ;)

Beer and tomato juice has been around for centuries. A few clam squeezin's spices up them beer farts.
LOL! Yep, You got that right, :biggrin: but have you seen it all in one can???

Can't say that I've seen it, but I aint looking either. Been a few decades since I've drank a beer cocktail. Bud Light? ugh! ;)

Mixing your own has monetary and taste advantages.
I havent seen that but we have Miller Chill here which is basically a better version of Corona in a green bottle. :eek:
It's in all the 7-11's down here in the Orlando area.

I'm not into red beer. Much for the reason stated in post #2. Same goes for that crap Miller is pawning off as brew. The Mexican stuff.

Hmmm.Clamato. I think I'm going to fire up the blender tonight. Maybe some some bloody Ceasars. Maybe a Hail Mary or two.
Far as I know, Sam Adams hasn't resorted to selling junk like that, so I doubt I'll see any in my frig anytime soon.
I tried 2 tonight and thats all I could choke down; and I like red beer.

It was spicy:eek:

Off to mix a crown.............................
We have it here, but in a real mans size can:eek:

Not one of those wimpy 8oz cans LOL

Whats it taste like, poor mans bloody mary?

Whats it taste like, poor mans bloody mary?


Yep poor,poor :tongue:

It tastes like this. I want a little bit of a buzz but I also want some breakfast. :eek:

You can't beat a real hand made one, but if your out at the lake, beach, mountains, etc. It's easy just to buy in the can i guess. I can only handle one in between drinking some beers.
A year or so ago i would be all over a poor mans bloody mary, i think my gut told me different!
Too much red sauce, blahk, its like eating a steak dinner and then trying to top it off with 6-8 beers right after:eek:

Not gonna happen LOL.

I hear that miller chill is too fruity, kinda not any good??

Enjoying my miller lite right now by the way..

mmmm beer

ARRRRG! I was there when they ran the first batch of this. They had troubles with the timing on the line, and as a result it was getting spilled all over the place.

I'm sure it's a good beer, but it wasn't too good to be wearing it.