Dodge neon spkr wire ID


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May 29, 2001
Anybody out there able to tell me which wires are the positive and neg wires for the rear speakers in a dodge neon? Iam putting in a new pair of 6x9's in my friends dodge neon today. The factory wires are brown with yello stripe and brown with blue stripe. Which one is the positive?
Thanks for any help: Jason
If you dont have a schematic then you can use this "old technique". Get a 1.5 volt AA battery and solder (or attach) a wire jumper on each end of the battery. Unplug the connector from the speaker and choose a terminal off of the factory speaker and put the + of battery on one and "pop" the second terminal for a brief second with the - and if the cone moves upward for that brief second then you have found the + terminal of the speaker. if the speaker cone moves inward then the + is on the other terminal. Once you figure out which terminal was the + one that made the cone travel upward then you find out which wire on the connecter coresponds with the connector on the terminal that was the + lead and that will be your + wire on your factory system. I learned this trick in the late '80s when we didnt have access to wiring schematics or internet, its an old trick but still works today. Good luck.
There is another trick I learned that is 95% accurate.

Plug the speaker in and hold it with the magnet facing you and the speaker connector at 6 0'clock. The wire to the right is 95% of the time the positive wire.

The only other speakers I've ever come across that had it reversed was pyramid. Pyramid might have changed there design by now. It has been three years since I've seen a pyramid speaker.