does anybody know Davis Shelton of Indiantown Fla.?

That is a really small town. And I mean REALLY small. How long ago did you buy the car? I may have looked at it..... If it is the car I'm thinking of, I would be able to locate him. Give me a description of the car.
Dent in the rear quarter, needed bumper fillers and the deck lid was replaced with one from an olds and still had the olds insignia on it?
I had a phone number for him, but when I didn't buy the car I tossed it. I do however think I know where he works and I'll try to track him down. The car was supposedly sold to someone on the east coast of Florida.
I took a drive over that way and tracked him down. I spoke with him and he'll be expecting your call. ;)

Dave's Gas-N-Go
P.O.Box 871
15775 Warfield Blvd.
Indiantown, Fl. 34956

David Shelton, Jr.
Hey Joe, I once lent $5 to some guy in Miami. I think his name was either Carlos or John. Can you help me find him? :D