does anyone know which fuse controls the cooling fan


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Oct 14, 2003
ok my fan doesnt work and think that the fuse is blown but, the fuse box doesnt have a spot for the fan fuse and i was told that it is tied in with something else but dont know what i looked in the owners manual and it didnt say so i tought i would ask this along with the fifty million other questions i ask on here, thanks for any help
The power for the cooling fan is from a fusible link to the fan relay area. Big fat red wires on the fan relays.

Should always read +12 to a good ground.

Cooling fan only comes on over 160 degrees with an aftermarket chip or about 185 with the stock style chips.

Try the A/C and see if it comes on.
Also the RLYS 5 ampere fuse has to be good for the relay coils to work to kick on the fan, make sure that fuse is good. :)
The fusible link is located down on the wire leads going to the starter. Look down by the starter.

Eric Fisher