Does engraving hurt the value of a gun


Sep 11, 2005
Just wounding with the price of the stainless steel colt 357 python 2/1 inch barrel value going crazy does it being engraved hurt it's value


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Depends upon the quality of the engraving & whether or not the engraver is well respected.
Even if the engraver is one of the best and the engraving is old world class, The gun has not only never been shot it has never even been cocked, Be like a GNX with 0 miles that someone didn't like black so they painted it red, Just didn't know
If you did a full customization and then engrave it, no. If it's just off the shelf and you engrave it, then it would be up to the person that that ends up buying it. In most cases it will hold the same as un-engraved one unless it's done by someone with a huge reputation.
If you have a colt python that ur going to engrave you might at well cerakote it pink while ur at it....DON'T DO IT
Ahhhh no I didn't see it. Well to late now. IMO whoever engraved her back then didn't have a crystal ball and prob thought they would never climb like they have. I don't mind engraving but would never do it to any of mine. Sad thing is the value will be drastically lower than if it was original. Still a nice piece
Well I would never sell the gun anyway, It was engraved by one of the best and the gun has never been cocked