Does this exist?


Brutal 6 Racing
Sep 4, 2001

I have sort of a trivia question for the group. I came across a P/N for a 3.8 liter Stage II ON center block (25500155). I've never seen one nor heard of one and prior to finding this P/N I thought all 3.8 blocks were OFF center.

I tried to order one from GM and as you might imagine the P/N was no good . Has anyone ever seen one of these blocks?

Just wondering


I'm not sure I've seen one either, but I did find the same part # that you quoted above in one of my books, "The Buick V6 Stage 2 Racing Engine", by Dave Emanuel. He basically went through a circle track build-up with Ruggles in this book, and at the end he has some parts listings...3.8 On Center block, yada yada, p/n 25500155.

Oh, BTW...thanks for the ride! Your car is hauling *ss and I hope you all have fun in Vegas this weekend while we're out in the sticks at Reynolds. :)